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The Pyramids Of Abu Rawash

The Pyramid of Djedefre at Abu Rawash belonged to Pharaoh Djedefre who reigned during the fourth dynasty following King Khufu. King Djedefre reigned for about eight years in total. His pyramid is in a very ruined condition today. The pyramid itself has a massive 49m channel cut into the bedrock to a 20 meter deep shaft. Djedefre’s cartouche was found in the burial chamber and Because of that cartouche, we can say this pyramid belonged to him.  the pyramid is built out of limestone. The blocks of limestone, typical building blocks of the Giza tombs, were angled towards the center of the pyramid in this particular construction. 


This technique, first used on the Step Pyramid, about 40km away in Saqqara, helped make the tomb more durable and stable. Additionally, Djedefre’s workers used granite pins to keep the blocks in place. This pyramid was constructed on a rocky outcropping – which also formed its foundation and internal structure – that rose 120m above the Giza Plains. To the casual observer this technique may or may not have disguised its short stature relative to the Great Pyramid.

pyramid of abu rawash

pyramid of abu rawash
pyramid of abu rawash
pyramid of abu rawash
pyramid of abu rawash
pyramid of abu rawash
pyramid of abu rawash
pyramid of abu rawash



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