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Meet Our Travel Consultants

Ask Aladdin Travel Experts



Al Khalifa

Tel: +1(888) 513-5971
Tel: +1(617) 9339330


Al Khalifa is an international travel expert promoting tourism in many countries around the world. Al Khalifa holds an Executive MBA in Travel and Tourism.


He was a former Professional Tour Director, Egyptologist, and Egyptology lecturer. He has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry. Ala was former Vice President of the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations. (WFTGA). He is one of the top travel advisors and promoters for Egypt and the Middle East.



Stuart Humphrey


Tel: +1(405) 537-7894


Stuart holds a BA (Hons) in Egyptian Archaeology which he got from the University of Liverpool. He has visited Egypt many times, lived there on three separate occasions, and has been involved within the Egyptian tourism industry for many years. He is extremely knowledgeable about Egypt’s history, ancient and modern, as well as understanding the needs of people wishing to visit this wonderful country.



Bassem Saad


Tel : +2- 011120789331
Tel 2: +14055377895



Heba Elbarbary


Tel 1: +1-6179339330
Tel 2: +1-4055377895


Heba is currently our as booking manager and our star in customer service. She is the first line of communication with our clients. She has been with many top travel Agencies since January 2003.

Her specialty is travel planning, including all types of leisure vacations, honeymoons and Nile cruises. She is an excellent source of information and her passion for travel is second to none.





Tel : (405) 537-7894
Tel: +16179339330


Jack Holloway is our Egypt travel expert and customer service manager. He has great knowledge about Egypt. Plus, he has over than 40 years of experience in travel planning and customer service.

He is a destination specialist to many areas of the world. He always helps clients find the best destination for their special trip.

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