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Entrance Fees for Major Tourist Sites in Egypt



In Cairo


The Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx60 LE
The great pyramid of Cheops100 LE
The Step Pyramid at Sakkara60 LE
New Tombs of Sakkara20 LE
The Pyramid of Meidum40 LE
The Pyramids of Dahshur40 LE
Great Pyramid of Khufu100 LE
Boat Museum of Khufu's Pyramid45 LE
Second Pyramid of Khafre30 LE
Pyramid of Hawara30 LE
Pyramid of El-Lahun25 LE
Open Air Museum of Memphis30 LE
Cairo Museum50 LE
Mummies room in Cairo Museum100 LE
Islamic Museum30 LE
Kasr El-Manyal Palace Museum20 LE
Gayer Anderson Museum20 LE
The Citadel of Saladin50 LE
The Virgin Mary Tree in Matria40 LE
Coptic Museum30 LE
The Hanging ChurchFree
The Province of El-FayoumFree
Church of St. BarbaraFree
Ben Ezra SynagogueFree
Church of St. Sergio  (Sergius or Abu Serga)Free
Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-AsFree
Ahmed Ben Tulun MosqueFree
Khan El-Khalili BazaarFree
Sultan Hassan Madrassa and MosqueFree


In Luxor


The Colossi of MemnonFree
Valley of The Kings80 LE
Valley of The Queens35 LE
Valley of The Nobles35 LE
The Temple of Medinat Hapu35 LE
Karnak Temple65 LE
Luxor Temple50 LE
The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut35 LE
Temple of Abydos (Seti I)28 LE
Tombs of Beni Hassan25 LE
Tombs of Tel El-Amarna25 LE
Luxor Museum80 LE
Mummification Museum30 LE
Tombs of El-Kab35 LE
Temple of Ramesseum35 LE
Temple of Dendera40 LE
Temple of Esna15 LE
Tomb of King Tutankhamen100 LE
Tomb of Ramose35 LE
Tomb of Manna and Nakhet35 LE
Tomb of Assasif20 LE
The Temple of Edfu60 LE


In Aswan


Temple of Isis (Philae Temple)50 LE
The Unfinished Obelisk35 LE
The High Dam20 LE
Temple of Kalabsha35 LE
Nubian Museum50 LE
Temples of Abu Simbel90 LE


Alexandria And Various Other Sites


The Catacombs of Kom el-Shouqafa35 LE
The Memorial Of Diocletian (The Pompeii Pillar)20 LE
The Castle of Qaitbay35 LE
Alexandria National Museum40 LE
The Jewellery Museum of Mohamed Ali35 LE
The Roman Amphitheatre20 LE
Montazah Palace Gardens03 LE
The Library of Alexandria10 LE For Main Entry & 35 LE For The Manuscripts Museum
Saint Catherine Monastery35 LE
The Golden Oasis, Hepis Temple, Temple of Amon45 LE

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