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Dahab Festival (Water Sports)


Dahab, Egypt is the kind of destination that you imagine in fairytales or see on a breathtaking poster. The place was once just a small Bedouin village mostly inhabited by fishermen and visited by a few backpackers and hippies, but over the years it has come to emerge as a truly amazing international destination for anyone seeking a non-all-inclusive, off-the-beaten track getaway in a North African paradise. This small town has a rich local culture, fascinating traditions and lovely seas with astonishing coral reefs. Dahab always leaves visitors with unforgettable memories and adventures, from windsurfing, snorkeling and various water sports to trekking and horse-riding in the picturesque landscape.


The Dahab Festival


Amazing windsurfing stunts and competitions are just one of the things visitors can see in Dahab during the annual Dahab International Festival of Watersports. The one-week event is actually two festivals: the Dahab International Festival of Watersports, Culture and Desert Adventure and the Dahab Bedouin Festival. The idea of organizing these events together was a strategy to revive tourism in Dahab and it has worked wonders! The festival attracts many visitors from across the globe and is a wonderful time for all.


The watersports festival showcases the local events and activities which Egyptians carry out that helps in attracting tourists while making them aware of the rich culture and traditions followed here. The festival marks the coming together of people in Egypt and is a haven for all water sports lovers. Hundreds of volunteers come together during this time to organize the event in a great way to help tourists enjoy themselves immensely. The aqua sports organized here are all under the guidance of trained and experienced divers and professionals to ensure complete safety of every tourist in every sense.


When at Dahab, during this festive time of the year, you can just jump into the water to enjoy the marvelous underwater scenes and to have a breathtaking experience. Also, you can surf over and revel in thrilling windsurfing. If not interested in adventure fun, you can just simply relax and meditate, experience the healing sessions and do yoga and other dance exercises which are enough to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul completely.


A week-long photography session is also available during the festival where you will learn how to capture amazing pictures under the water. After mastering this art you can even participate in the two photography competitions held here during the event. Also, for fun there is a face painting activity where you can take photos you'll still be laughing at years later. Every year the Dahab Watersports festival aims to get bigger and better with better and more exciting activities than the year before, so it is always worth keeping up to date on the newest, most-exciting additions. 


Dahab is blessed with more than fifty dive centers which help tourists have an experience like never before. During the festival, the area is full of camps to help all backpackers find accommodation easily and to ensure they can enjoy what they have come here for that is diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea!

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