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Upper Egypt Bus Company

East Delta


Bus CompanyAddressTelephone
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyCairo Gateway (El-Torgoman), 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo0225760261
Upper Egypt Bus Company4 Dr. Mohamed Khairy St., El-Manyal, Cairo0223645988, 0223649720
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Tagnid Sq., Gesr El-Suez, Cairo0226347467
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyComplaints Service, Mounira, Cairo0222612233
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyLandmark: Beside Ministry Of Manpower and Immigration, 4 Youssef Abbas St., Nasr City, Cairo0222609298, 0224041624, 0224042754, 0222609297
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyAboud Station, Shoubra, Cairo0224316723
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyMahattet El-Meyah St., El-Saff, Giza0238620518
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyLandmark: Beside El-Fardous Hotel, El-Nasr St., Dahar, Hurghada0693470250
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyUmm Kolthoum, Downtown, Quseir0653330033
Upper Egypt Bus CompanySouth Safaga, Safaga0653257054, 0653257053
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Omoumy St., North Safaga, Safaga0653251253
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Mahatta Sq., Shark District, Assyout0882330460
Upper Egypt Bus Company26th Of July St., Kom Ombo, Aswan0973510732
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyKasr El-Hagar St., Downtown, Aswan0972303225
Upper Egypt Bus CompanySalah Salem St., El-Wastah, Beni Suef0822510537
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Mahatta St., El-Mermah, Beni Suef0822323121
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Hawatem Sq., Downtown, El-Fayoum0849203850
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyBatal El-Salam St., Downtown, El-Fayoum0846332264, 084333557, 0843608583
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyGamal Abdel Nasser St., El-Massalah, El-Fayoum0846333557
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Omoumy Rd., Bani Mazar, El-Minya0867820428
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Shawany St., Magaghah, El-Minya0867550267, 0867555126
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyLandmark: Beside Banque Misr, El-Galaa St., Mallawi, El-Minya0862632571, 0862643886
Upper Egypt Bus CompanySaad Zaghloul St., Downtown, El-Minya0862326820
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyLandmark: Below Tourism Police Station, El-Mahatta St., Luxor0952372118
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyMostashfa El-Homeyat St., Esna0952514005
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Mahkama St., Nagaa Hamady, Qena0966591702
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Mostashfa El-Amiry St., Downtown, Qena0965325068
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Fouadeya St., Gerga, Sohag0934676461
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyLandmark: In Front Of Sohag General Hospital, El-Noqrashy St., Gharb District, Sohag0932332021
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Mahatta St., El-Dakhla, El-Wadi El-Gadid0927821538
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Gamea El-Kabir Sq., El-Dakhla, El-Wadi El-Gadid0927824366
Upper Egypt Bus CompanyEl-Basateen District, El-Kharga, El-Wadi El-Gadid0927934587
Upper Egypt Bus CompanySuez Cairo Desert Rd., Faisal, Suez0623664258, 0623676821

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