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East Delta Bus Company


East Delta

Bus CompanyAddressTelephone
East Delta Bus CompanyCairo Gateway (El-Torgoman), 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo(002) 0225778347
East Delta Bus CompanyEmtedad Ramses St., Abbasseya, Cairo0223424753, 0223422592, 0223428589
East Delta Bus CompanyAlmaza Sq., Almaza, Cairo0224198533
East Delta Bus CompanyEl-Tagnid Sq., Gesr El-Suez, Cairo0226378824
East Delta Bus Company4 El-Tayaran St., Nasr City, Cairo0222611881, 0222611882, 0222611883, 0222611886
East Delta Bus CompanyAboud Station, Shoubra, Cairo0222031057
East Delta Bus CompanyLandmark: In Front 0f Kaliobeya Security Administration Banha, Kaliobeya0133225893
East Delta Bus CompanyEl-Guish St., El-Mansoura, El-Dakahleya0502216654, 0502319598
East Delta Bus CompanyEl-Galaa St., Damietta0572322704
East Delta Bus CompanyAbou Khalil Station, El-Zagazig, El-Sharkeya0552261486, 0552261485
East Delta Bus CompanyEl-Horreya Sq., El-Zagazig, El-Sharkeya0552303305
East Delta Bus CompanyEzzbet Atef El-Sadat, Arish0683325931
East Delta Bus CompanyLandmark: End of Downtown Station, Ras Sidr0693401981
East Delta Bus CompanyLandmark: El-Ruwaisat Station, El-Ruwaisat, Sharm El-Sheikh0693665350, 0693665351
East Delta Bus CompanyDowntown Station, St. Catherine0693470250
East Delta Bus CompanyLandmark: Beside Dahab Hospital, Ahmed Zewail St., Masbat, Dahab0693640250, 0693641808
East Delta Bus CompanyTaba Station, Downtown, Taba0693530250
East Delta Bus CompanyEl-Minaa El-Raaisy St., Harbour, Nuweiba0693520371
East Delta Bus CompanyFayed Station, Fayed, Ismailia0643665885
East Delta Bus CompanyEl-Sekka El-Hadid, El-Tal El-Kabir, Ismailia0643965684
East Delta Bus CompanyEl-Salam District, Ismailia0643201513
East Delta Bus CompanyMubarak Station, Moubarak District, Port Said0663729883
East Delta Bus CompanyMisr Suez Desert Rd., Faisal, Suez0623664854

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