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Sitre In (Valley Of The Kings - KV60)

Tomb KV60 is a mystifying tomb. There's uncertainty about the female mummy that was found in the tomb and her identity. The tomb is located in the southeast branch of the wadi is close to the entrance of KV19. Some Egyptologists believed that the mummy found inside belongs to the reign of Pharaoh Hatshepsut during the 18th dynasty.


More About KV60


KV60 was discovered by Howard Carter in 1903. It was long-since robbed and most of its contents were destroyed. The tomb had two female mummies, one if which was recognized as Sitre In, the wet nurse of Hatshepsut. The mummy was then moved to the Cairo Museum. The second mummy, however, has not yet been identified. There were also mummified geese found in the tomb.


Unlike most tombs in the Valley of the Kings, KV60 was undecorated. The tomb is small in size, consisting of an entryway stairway, a corridor, with recesses and a side chamber followed by a roughly-cut burial chamber.


Tomb Design


KV60 features a simple plan, consisting of a rough flight of stairs followed by a passage leading down that was just 5 meters long. This ended in a low and rough 4x5 meters square chamber. This chamber contained nothing but the mummies of two women.


About The Unidentified Mummy


The second mummy was removed by Donald Ryan in the year 1980. Close examination showed that the female would have been in a good position in life. The original hair, found underneath her head, had fallen off with time. The positioning of the arms of this mummy was the most interesting part. Her right arm was crossed over the breast signifying royalty of the deceased. Similar positioning was seen in Elizabeth Thomas’s mummy and it’s even believed that the mummy could have been of Hatshepsut herself. This mummy remains within the tomb. The investigation of Ryan also showed that the structure of the tomb was not that simple and somewhat complex.


Bottom Line


Despite the mystery and unidentified mummy at KV60, it has always lacked tourists and visitors because of the lack of things to see in the tomb. 

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