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Nefersekheru (Al-Khokha - TT296)


Who Was Nefersekheru?


Nefersekheru had many titles, including ‘Scribe of the Divine Offerings of all the Gods’ and ‘Officer in the Treasury of the Southern City’. He worked during the later part of Ramesses II’s reign. The four functions that he occupied include the Deputy administrator of the treasury, Royal scribe of the treasury, Scribe of the divine offerings of all the gods and director of the slaves. It is believed that he may have succeeded Neferrenpet. Nefersekheru is believed to have had three wives and his wives and daughters were all chantresses of Amun.


The Tomb of Nefersekheru


Located among the southern tombs in the al-Khokha necropolis and the Theban necropolis, Nefersekheru's tomb lies on the hill that separates Deir el Bahri from Sheikh’ Abd el-Qurna. It is referred to as TT 296 and is simialr to the tomb of Nefferenpet. The ceilings in the tomb of Nefersekheru are elaborately decorated and the finely-done geometric patterns in such wide variety are a rare thing to find. The colors have also been very well preserved.


The courtyard of the tomb of Nefersekheru was used for entry to the tomb of Neferenpet as well. TT 296 opens into a courtyard with a long hall featuring colorful and well-preserved paintings. The outside of this tomb and at the entrance there are columns offering texts, while Nefersekheru and one of his wives are shown walking forward on the door jambs.


Scenes Found In Tomb TT 296


The entrance has a scene of Nefersekheru along with his family moving towards the rising sun. The first chamber has scenes from the Book of the Gates, where the king asks permission from the demon to cross the door to another world. Also, illustrations from the chapter 62 of the Book of The Dead can be seen in the same chamber. The couple is depicted assisting a festival for the goddess Bastet in Bubastis, sitting in front of a big quantity of offerings of sycamore fruit, bread, lettuce, and onions. There are also scenes showing Nefersekheru and his wife adoring Osiris and Hathor and Isis and Anubis. Also, texts of Chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead have been written on the inner walls. Inside the burial, chamber scenes can be seen where the deceased claims abut he not being guilty of certain tasks in his lifetime, what is called Negative Confession. Also, the funeral procession of Nefersekheru can also be seen in the burial chamber


Tomb Entrance


Located on the west bank of Luxor in Egypt, TT 296 is open to the public and can be visited from 6 am until 5 pm in the winter season and 6 am until 5 pm in the summer season as well. Cameras are allowed in the outside area and even inside with special permission.

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