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Famous Coptic Christian Sites

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The Hanging Church

The Hanging Church is Al-Fustat's (Old Cairo's) oldest...

The Church Of St. Sergious And Bacchus

The church of St. Sergio (also known as St. Sergius...

St. Barbara Church

The Church of St. Barbara The...

Ben Ezra Synagogue

In Encyclopaedia Britannica, a synagogue is described...

Wadi El Natron Travel Guide

Wadi El-Natron is located 100 km northwest of Cairo and is built in a...

The Coptic Museum

The Coptic Museum in Cairo is located inside the ruins of the Roman...

The Monastery Of Saint Paul The Anchorite

SaintPaul The Anchorite St. Paul the Anchorite is a...

The Monastery Of St. Anthony

Believed to have been originally constructed in the 4th century A.D.,...

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