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Egypt Nile Cruise Tips

If you choose to go on a Nile cruise, make sure that the cruise is taken as “all inclusive”, i.e. accommodation, sightseeing tours, and transportation! This option is the best way for you to see all the possible Temples en route.We would, therefore, recommend, for health and safety reasons, to choose only the five star or 5 star + Nile cruises! The cost for one-night accommodation ranges between $90 and $150 per person per night in a twin room.  Today there are more than 220 Nile cruisers on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, I various classes of 4 star, standard 5 stars, and 5 stars deluxe and imperial Ultra deluxe.

Your Cabin Location

Crow empress

Prices of accommodation depend largely on which deck you have chosen to stay, staying in the lower decks is generally cheaper than staying on the upper deck. Try and obtain a plan of the boat before you book. Your cabin will be fitted with air-conditioning and a TV set. Any good cruise boat will keep the cabins that are closer to the engine, for the staff! The guests staying away from engine noise.

There are 3 types of itineraries for Nile Cruises:

3 nights Nile cruise

03 Nights Cruise
Usually departs from 
Aswan to Luxor

The cruise includes the following visits:
  AswanThe High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Temple of Philae
  Kom OmboVisit the Temple of Kom Ombo
  EdfuVisit the Temple of Edfu
  EsnaVisit the Esna Temple
  LuxorVisit the west bank in Luxor to see, the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

*This is a short cruise, good for those who want to get just the cruise experience in a quick glance and still enjoy the temples in between.

Please Note: It is very important to have your tourist guide onboard during your cruise visits.

    Day 01
  Aswan / Nile CruiseCheck-in before lunch. Visit the High Dam and Philae Temple. Overnight on board.
    Day 02
   Nile CruiseSail to Kom Ombo Temple. Sail to Edfu Visit Edfu Temple. Sail to Luxor & overnight on board.
    Day 03
   Nile CruiseA.M. Visit the Valley of the King, Queen Hatshepsut Temple and Colossi of Memnon. P.M. Visit Karnak and Luxor Temples. Overnight on board.
   Day 04
 Nile CruiseCheck-out after breakfast.


3 nights Nile cruise

04 Nights Cruise
Usually departs from 
Luxor to Aswan


The cruise includes the following visits:



 Visit the west bank to see, the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Then visit the east bank to see, the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak


 Visit the Esna Temple


 Visit the Temple of Edfu

 Kom Ombo

 Visit the Temple of Kom Ombo


 Visit the High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Temple of Philae Felucca boat outing to visit the Botanical Island, a trip to a Nubian village (optional) Visit to Elephantine Island and the Tombs of the Nobles (optional)

*This is a Medium range type of Nile cruise, good for those who want more of the cruise experience. while adding one extra night for more leisure time Good for those who would like to extend their stay to see Abu Simbel.



    Day 01
Cairo / Nile CruiseArrival Luxor Airport and transfer to the pier to embark your 4 nights / 05 days Nile Cruise. Visit Karnak & Luxor Temple. Overnight in Luxor
    Day 02
Nile CruiseVisit the West Bank "Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut Temple and Colossi of Memnon. Sail to Edfu and overnight.
    Day 03
Nile CruiseSail to Edfu and Visit Edfu Temple. Sail to Kom Ombo & Overnight in Kom Ombo.
   Day 04
Nile Cruise Visit Kom-Ombo Temple and Sail to Aswan .P.M.Visit the High Dam and Philae Temple. Overnight in Aswan.
   Day 05
Nile CruiseAbu-Simbel Excursion by Air from Aswan. A.M. Optional Abu Simbel excursion by air from Aswan visiting Ramses II and Nefertari Temples. Return back to Aswan by flight. P.M Felucca sailing around the Islands in Aswan. Transfer to Aswan Airport.



3 nights Nile cruise

07 Nights Cruise either 
Luxor to Aswan or 
Aswan to Luxor

This 7 nights itinerary basically includes all the visits mentioned above, ut divided over 7 nights, which gives you in total more free nights to relax. It is very good choice for those who seek full relaxation.

Please Note: when leaving the ship for sightseeing you will be given a boarding pass. This is to help you identify your boat later on in case you got lost, as well it helps the boat to know if they have all passenger onboard so that they can continue sailing to the next stop of the cruise. While on tour Don't lose it! Keep it in a safe place and hand it over to reception each time you come back from a tour. The following chart will explain to you what you should visit during the various cruise schemes



Cruise BoatCategoryCabinsOperator
Dahabeya AmiratDeluxe7Sonesta
Hapi IStandard15Hapi Travel
Jaz SenatorDeluxe17Travcotels
TerramarDeluxe20Sunrise Cruises
MisrDeluxe24Traveline Egypt
Oberoi ZahraDeluxe27Oberoi
Royal OrchidDeluxe28Nile Exploration Egypt
Royal RhapsodyDeluxe28Nile Exploration Egypt
Royal SerenadeDeluxe28Nile Exploration Egypt
Tania4 Star28Travcotels
Nile EmpressStandard29Travcotels
Alexander The GreatDeluxe30Jolleys Travel
Star GoddessDeluxe33Sonesta
Amarco IIDeluxe35Optima Cruises
Amarante IsisDeluxe37Amarante Hotel
Amarante OsirisDeluxe37Amarante Hotel
Ramses of Egypt IStandard37Shalkamy Groups
NeptuneSuperior39Escapade Nile Cruises
FaridaDeluxe40Sabena Group
ShehrayarDeluxe40World of Creative
ShehrazadDeluxe40World of Creative
AuroraStandard42MG Travel
Nile ExpressSuperior45Amex Franchise
Nile MonarchStandard45Travcotels
Zen Nile Dream4 Superior45Sakkara Group
Etoile De Nil IIStandard50Angelotel Nile Cruises
Etoile De Nil IIIStandard50Angelotel Nile Cruises
Kasr El-NilStandard50Monica Nile Cruises
AnniDeluxe52Selection Group
DarakumDeluxe52Traveline Egypt
Golden BoatStandard52MG Travel
Jaz RegencyDeluxe52Travcotels
Jaz RoyalDeluxe52Travcotels
Tamr HennaDeluxe52Wings Tours
AmarcoDeluxe53Optima Cruises
Moon GoddessDeluxe53Sonesta
Nile GoddessDeluxe53Sonesta
AtonDeluxe54Selection Group
Chateau LafayetteStandard55Travcotels
TulipDeluxe56Wings Tours
St. George IDeluxe57Sonesta
Nile CrocodiloStandard58Travel Ways
JasminDeluxe59Wings Tours
NephtisStandard59World of Creative
Royal LilyDeluxe60Movenpick
Royal PrincessDeluxe60National Travel Service(NTS)
Egyptian PrincessStandard61Shalkamy Groups
OrchidDeluxe61Wings Tours
TuyaDeluxe61World of Creative
Mirage IDeluxe62South Sinai Group
Oberoi PhilaeDeluxe62Oberoi
Queen Of Abu SimbelStandard62Naggar Group
Sun GoddessDeluxe62Sonesta
Etoile De Nil IStandard63Angelotel Nile Cruises
SherryStandard63Sherry Nile Cruises
Nile FestivalDeluxe64Inter Team Travel
Royal LotusDeluxe64Movenpick
TiyiDeluxe64World of Creative
Al NabilationDeluxe65Naggar Group
King of ThebesDeluxe65Naggar Group
Nile DolphinDeluxe65Italian Express Cruises
Ramses King of The NileDeluxe65Naggar Group
Grand PrincessDeluxe66National Travel Service (NTS)
Miss EgyptDeluxe66National Travel Service (NTS)
Sermiramis IIIStandard66Sunrise Cruises
Solaris I (Nile Caesar)Superior66Solaris Cruises
Sun RayDeluxe66Traveline Egypt
ConcertoDeluxe67Extension Group Travel
Moon DanceDeluxe68Lilac Hotels
Nile CarnivalDeluxe68Travel Ways
Queen of HanzaSuperior68Escapade Nile Cruises
Zen MonacoDeluxe68Sakkara Group
Marquis IIStandard69Song of Egypt
Nile DeltaStandard69Hapi Travel
Nile MarquisStandard69Song of Egypt
Al-JamilaDeluxe70Sabena Group
Beau SoleilDeluxe70Flopatter Nile Cruises
Kon-TikiDeluxe70Lilac Hotels
Lady SophiaDeluxe70Travcotels
Miss WorldDeluxe70Extension Group Travel
Princess SarahDeluxe54Extension Group Travelp
Sermiramis IDeluxe70Sunrise Cruises
Sermiramis IIDeluxe70Sunrise Cruises
Zen MojitoDeluxe70Sakkara Group
Royal RubySuperior71Nile Sun
Zen Lady DianaDeluxe71Sakkara Group
Zen Monte CarloStandard71Sakkara Group
Al- KahilaDeluxe72Sabena Group
Diamond BoatStandard72MG Travel
Domina Prestige EmilioDeluxe72Emilio Travel
HameesDeluxe72Traveline Egypt
LibertyDeluxe72MG Travel
Queen of SheebaDeluxe72Naggar Group
StephanieStandard72Monica Nile Cruises
Beau Rivage IDeluxe73Etapes Nouvelles Voyages
MonicaDeluxe74Monica Nile Cruises
Nile EliteStandard74Memnon Tours and Cruises
Nile RubyDeluxe74Nile Sun
Nile SmartStandard74Memnon Tours and Cruises
Nile SmileStandard74Memnon Tours and Cruises
Nile SupremeStandard74Memnon Tours and Cruises
Solaris IIDeluxe74Solaris Cruises
ZienaDeluxe74Song of Egypt
Beau Rivage IIDeluxe75Etapes Nouvelles Voyages
Nile BrideDeluxe75Nile Bride
Jaz Legacy (New)Deluxe76Travcotels
Nile StoryDeluxe76Nile Bride
Radamis IStandard76Movenpick
Jaz Minerva (New)Deluxe77Travcotels
Crown JewelDeluxe80Travcotels
Crown PrinceDeluxe80Travcotels
Jaz JubileeDeluxe80Travcotels
Jaz Omar El KhayamDeluxe80Travcotels
El FostateDeluxe81Shalkamy Groups
King Tut IDeluxe81Shalkamy Groups
King Tut IIDeluxe81Shalkamy Groups
King Tut IIIDeluxe81Shalkamy Groups
King Tut IVDeluxe81Shalkamy Groups
Radamis IIStandard81Movenpick
Ramses of Egypt IIIDeluxe84Shalkamy Groups
African DreamsDeluxe87Sunrise Cruises
OperaDeluxe101Song Of Egypt
Iberotel Crown EmperorTravcotels118Travcotels
Iberotel Crown EmperorDeluxe128Travcotels


What You Should Know when on a Nile  Cruise

Food on board:

Accommodation aboard the Nile cruise is entirely based on full board basis. (All meals are included ) mostly in an open buffet manner with many varieties, depending on type and quality of the cruise boat you have selected; these meals are served with a fixed timetable each day.

Tea and coffee are available on board, served every day around 5:00 pm to 5:30. Other drinks are offered in the bar area are with additional cost.

Dress Code

During the daytime, while touring, you can wear whatever you really like,(Shorts are ok)  though due to the extreme heat it is recommended you wear lightweight clothes. 

While relaxing on board, and indoors, you may wear shorts and swimming costumes if you wish. Breakfast and lunch can be taken dressed like this, but for dinner, please wear smarter clothes! But beware of too much exposure to the sun! Apply plenty of high factor sunblock! 


Every day there is an entertainment programme, which differs from one boat to the other. On most cruise ships the first day is usually a cocktail party, presented and run by the boat manager, where they offer free drinks and introduce the senior staff on board.

This party is also known as  “The manager’s party”, where the manager introduces his crew to the passengers onboard.  It is Advised to wear smart casual clothes during this cocktail.

  •  A 2-Another night there is a “Galabia party”, where you will be encouraged to get Egyptian outfits and wear the local Galabia. To buy a Galabia, it will cost you around 50-70 LE, but if you do not wish to buy one, you can hire one from the bazaar shop located onboard.
  • If you choose to buy your Galabia from outside the boat There are many bazaars outside the Temples that you will be visiting during your cruise. Don’t forget to haggle hard! 
  • -Another night will have a Nubian show, where you will see Nubian dancers and singers in their local outfit.
  • -The last evening’s entertainment usually has a belly dancing show, a juggler’s show (whirling dervishes) with local singers and bands. 

Your dress onboard:

During daytime, while touring, you can wear whatever you really like,(Shorts are ok)  though due to the extreme heat it is recommended you wear lightweight clothes. 

While relaxing on board, and indoors, you may wear shorts and swimming costumes, if you wish. Breakfast and lunch can be taken dressed like this, but for dinner, please wear smarter clothes! But beware of too much exposure to the sun! Apply plenty of high factor sunblock! 

How to pay your Extra bills:

All extras such as consumed beverages, laundry, and telephones bills, should be settled and paid on the last day of your cruise when you check out. Payment can be made with credit cards, traveler’s cheque, or cash. Make sure you have enough cash, just in case your credit card transaction didn't go through.

Please noteMany Nile cruise boats do not accept personal cheques or money orders! many others don't accept traveler's checks as well


Don’t forget to leave tips for the cruise staff, not less than $ 5-8  USD PER PERSON PER DAY!  

  • For 3 nights cruise, it  should be 15-25 USD per person ( in total)
  • For 4 nights cruise, it should be 20-35  USD per person ( in total)
  • For 7 nights cruise, it should be 35-55  USD per person ( in total)

This tipping should be given to the boat reception,  simply put your tip in an envelope and hand it over to boat reception. This money later will be distributed evenly among the crew onboard. This way each person will get his fair share.

Please NoteThis does not include tipping to your Tourist Guide, this should be separate, and it is entirely up to you to decide the amount of tip that you will give to him/her. Know that these are only guidelines, gratuities are a personal matter and tipping is entirely at the discretion of the individuals.

 Health and Safety onboard Egypt Nile Cruises: 

All Nile cruises are equipped with safety features and life jackets are normally placed under your cabin bed.

  • You should avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol especially if you have equilibrium problems. You are not just putting yourself at risk but also the other guests and staff too.
  • People with equilibrium problems should not spend too much time on deck at night, on a fast moving ship; it is dangerous in case you fall over.
  • Smoking in bed is dangerous; the mattresses are very flammable
  • People who tend to sleepwalk should never take a cabin with a balcony, an inside cabin with a window would be far safer.
  • Make sure that you know where the muster stations are, in case you have to abandon ship.
  • If you get sick whilst on board, some cruise boats have a resident doctor on board. If not, they have doctors assigned in each town that can be called on in case of emergency.

Nile Cruise other useful tips:

  • Firstly after checking-in at a cruise, it is advisable to leave your valuables in your rooms'  safety deposit box.  As all cabins have a private safe
  • If you wish to buy any items from the shops on board, the opportunity for shopping is generally limited due to the small size of these shops. But on the other hand, you will get plenty of time to check what you are buying, and haggle over the price!
  • To call home, most of the cruise boats offer telephone facilities onboard, but the sound quality is not as good as onshore.
  • We would recommend visiting a bank to change your money, before cruising, as most of the boats do not offer to exchange money facilities and you will not get access to onshore banks while you are cruising.

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