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Ra - The Sun God

The Sun God of ancient Egypt was primarily known as Ra. He was often considered the king of the gods and was thus the patron god of the pharaoh and one of the main gods in the ancient Egyptian pantheon.Ra was regarded as the one who created everything and he was very powerful and popular. He was worshipped all throughout ancient Egypt. His worship was so enduring that in today’s time some believe that the Egyptian religion had just one god and that was Ra. Some other names by which the Sun god asw known are Re, meaning "patron of the sun, heaven, kingship, power, and light."


Ra - The Sun God


Ra's Appearance


Ra - The Sun God

Ra was most commonly depicted as a sun god who wore the sun disk on his head. He was also represented as a man with a hawk head and wearing a headdress with a sun disk.


People in ancient Egypt believed that Ra was the ruler of heavens and he was the bringer of light, the god of the sun and the patron of the kings. As per legend its believed that the sun travels in the sky when Ra drives his chariot through the heavens. Initially, Ra was linked only with the noon sun but later on, he became associated with the presence of the sun the entire day and the sun itself. Ra was said to be the commander of not just the sky, but the earth and the underworld as well.


What Ancient Egyptians Believed About Ra


Ra - The Sun God

Ra was different from other gods worshiped in ancient Egypt in that he was regarded as a strictly celestial god. And it's due to his position in the sky that he is able to watch over his independent children. Horus is said to be the proxy of Ra who rules on the earth on Ra's behalf.


People in ancient Egypt took the sun to be the source of life and the power. Light, energy, and warmth of the sun were what helped the crops grow every season, thus the cult of Ra was said to possess great power and was popularly followed by many citizens. By the fourth dynasty, the pharaohs were believed to be incarnations of Ra and began exercising absolute powers. Many kings got temples and pyramids constructed in the honor of Ra to keep him happy and to guarantee a long and prosperous rule as a pharaoh.


Another belief about Ra by the ancient Egyptians was that he was swallowed every night by the sky goddess Nut, and was reborn every morning. Another belief was that Ra traveled through the underworld at night in which form he was represented as a man having the head of a ram.


The Bottom Line About Ra


Ra was worshipped widely throughout ancient Egypt and he was referred as the principal sun god for centuries. The two variants of Ra which are popularly known are Amun Ra and Ra-Atum or Atum-Ra. Even today some Egyptologists and followers of Kemeticism believe Ra to be the supreme god of the sun and still honor him greatly. Ra was the almost universally-worshipped king of the gods and the all-father of creation.

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Ra - The Sun God

The Sun God of ancient Egypt was primarily known as Ra. He was often...

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