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Isis - The Goddess Of Fertility

About ISIS goddess 

Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility and was also known as the goddess of motherhood, magic, death, healing, and rebirth. Isis was the first daughter of Geb and Nut who was the god of the earth and the goddess of the sky. Isis was the sister of Osiris who later on became her husband as well. The son of Isis and Osiris was Horus.


Other Names Of Isis

Other names by which Isis was known in Egypt are Auset, Aset, or Eset, which are words that were often associated with the word for "throne." After the death of her husband Osiris, Isis took over as the goddess of the dead and the funeral rites which he had previously overseen. She was both the sister and wife of Osiris but in ancient Egypt, incest was seen as normal in the lives of the Egyptian Gods as it maintained the sacred bloodline of the gods. Isis was also touted as the mother and protector of the Pharaohs.


Isis - The Goddess of Fertility


More About Isis


Isis - The Goddess of Fertility

The main function of Isis was as the goddess of magic, love, motherhood, and fertility. She was a member of the Ennead and a part of the nine most important gods in ancient Egypt. The symbols used for her were the 'throne' headdress, the moon disk with cow's horns, the sycamore tree, the kite hawk, outspread wings, and the throne.


More Symbols For ISIS goddess 


Isis - The Goddess of FertilityIsis was usually represented as a woman donning a long sheath dress and an empty throne as her headdress. The empty headdress represented the death of her husband and her role as the seat of the power of the pharaoh. In some scenes, she is seen as a woman with a headdress of a solar disc and horn. In some rare scenes, she is a woman with the head of a cow. She is also represented as the goddess of the wind as a woman with outstretched wings. She is also seen with Horus her son and a crown and a vulture or as a woman holding a lotus. In the heavens, her symbol is the star Sept (Sirius). The scared animals of Isis are the cows, snakes, and scorpions. She is also the patron of hawks, swallows, doves, and vultures.


Isis As The Goddess Of Motherhood And Fertility


Isis was referred to be the mother goddess where she represented the maternal spirit in the purest form. She was the divine life-giver and was honored as the mother of one of the most powerful gods, Horus. She was said to be the mother of all the pharaohs and entire Egypt. She played the part of nursing Horus along with Hathor. Isis is also known for offering Egyptians the knowledge of cultivation and the advantages of growing along the river Nile. It is believed that the annual inundation of the Nile was tears of Isis which came out because of her husband’s death and were preceded by the appearance of the star Sept (Sirius) in the sky. This legend is known even today as the yearly celebration of “The Night of the Drop”.

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Isis - The Goddess Of Fertility

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