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Horus - The Egyptian Falcon God

The Egyptian falcon god Horus is among the most famous gods worshipped in ancient Egypt. EgyptAir has even used the winged symbol of Horus on their logo because of the ancient importance of the winged god of the sky. Horus’s name itself means "the falcon who soars above all the other inhabitants of the land" and he was also a frequent symbol of any king who ruled over Egypt. 


Horus - The Egyptian Falcon God


More About Horus


Horus - The Egyptian Falcon God

Horus was also among the oldest gods of Egypt and his name is associated with the start of the dynastic period. Depictions of a falcon on the artifacts from the Narmer palette show how old he was. The use of the name of Horus was very popular across Egyptian history and as a personal name. Hor still seems to be used in a number of different forms.


How Horus Became Horus


Horus - The Egyptian Falcon God

Every pharaoh of Egypt is said to be an incarnation of Horus who as per legends is said to have conquered the evil god Seth in Upper Egypt. Seth is said to be the god of confusion and turmoil who killed Osiris who was the father of Horus. Horus in order to take revenge for his father’s death then became the god of justice and order. Thus the pharaoh Horus in ancient Egypt became Horus on earth who was the ruler of both upper and Lower Egypt. Horus is represented by the Hawk as the god of the sky. It’s a symbol of divine kingship and the protector of the one who is ruling.


Meaning Of The Name Horus


One of Horus' eyes represented the sun and the other moon. Sun was referred as Horakhty or Horus in the horizon and thus Horus was also touted to be the god of the east and the rising sun. Horus as a falcon or a hawk could even take a human shape. Horus was also known as the god of the Nile Delta and then he became the king of upper and Lower Egypt and the symbol of kingship because it was Horus who led to the union of the two kingdoms.


Famous Forms Of Horus


In the later period, Horus took a new form when he became known as a god and was represented as a naked child standing above a crocodile holding in his hands snakes, scorpions, and lions. After this he was known as a healing god for the people with snake bites and scorpion stings. Among the most famous scenes of Horus is one where he is represented as a falcon perching on a throne behind the head of king Khafre who was the builder of the second pyramid in Giza. The falcon here embraces the king to help him fly into the sky. In another scene, Isis is shown nursing Horus. Where Hathor and Isis nurse and raise him to take revenge on Seth the one who killed his father. Ancient Egyptian literature depicts great battles between Horus and Seth and how Horus defeated Seth and united the two lands of Egypt. Therefore he was also known as Horus the fighter.

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