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Amun - King Of The Gods

Amun is often referred as King of the Gods and was among the most powerful Gods in ancient Egypt. Throughout the history of Egypt he has been an important figure and when combined with Ra, the Sun god, he became even more powerful and was referred to as Amun-Ra. Amun is often known by names like the god of the sun, air, and the sky. He is the member of the Ogdoad of Hermopolis and was one of the eight gods who formed the same, followed by the Theban Triad. The symbols used for representing the god are the Amun crown of two, the ram-headed sphinx and the long feathers.


Amun - King of the Gods


More About The Life Of Amun


Amun - King of the Gods

Some alternative names which are used to designate Amun are Amon, Amen, Amana, Ammon, and Hammon. The cult center of the god was at Thebes which is modern-day Luxor and there was also a large and important temple in the honor of the god in Thebes as well. Amun was the husband of Mut, referred as the Mother Goddess during the Thebes Triad and the name of his son was Khonsu, who was known as the Moon God.


Various Representations Of Amun


Amun - King of the Gods

Amun was often associated with a large number of animals whom he even transformed into during incarnations. Originally a goose depicted him and due to this, he got the epithet the Great Cackler. Most commonly Amun was depicted as a ram which symbolized fertility. Finally, he was depicted as a king on his throne wearing the double plumed crown.


In the texts found in the pyramids, Amun was described as a primeval deity and a figure symbolizing creative force. However, he came to power during the eleventh dynasty after succeeding the Theban war god, Montu.


Amun was not only worshipped in Egypt. His worship spread to some neighboring countries as well and especially in Nubia. Amun Ra emerged as the principle god during the twelfth dynasty and Greeks considered him equivalent to Zeus.


Celebrations Associated With Amun


The main celebration associated with this King of the Gods was the Opet festival in which the statue of Amun was carried down the river Nile from the temple of Karnak to the temple of Luxor at which point his marriage with Mut was ceremonially re-enacted.


How Amun Became A God


Amun was adopted as the King of the Gods in Thebes with Mut as his consort. He was made a national god by the first pharaoh of the New Kingdom, Ahmose I. The pharaoh believed that Amun has assisted him in sending out the Hyksos from the country. Also, Amun was adopted into Ennead of Heliopolis after he combined with the sun god Ra becoming even more powerful and important as Amun Ra. After joining with Ra, Amun became both an invisible and a visible god.


Temples In Amun's Honor


In order to show gratitude to Amun and his quick rise to power, many temples were built throughout the Middle Kingdom by the royal family. The most notable of these are the great Temple at Karnak and the Luxor Temple.

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