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Kafr El-Dawwar Travel Guide

Kafr el- Dawwar is a large town in Egypt located between Cairo and Alexandria along the main Agricultural Road. It owes its popularity to being a chief industrial center of industry. The city is well-known for the many industries located there, especially textiles and chemical production. It is also famous for the Battle of Kafr- el-Dawwar which took place in 1882 between the Egyptian and British armies. Kafr el-Dawwar is touted to have some of the largest textile companies in Egypt, comparable in size to those in El-Mahalla El-Kubra.The population of Kafr el-Dawwar is about 265,300.


What Do People In Kafr el-Dawwar Do To Make A Living?


The majority of people here are employed at the textile companies. Misr for Weaving and Spinning is the largest textile company in Kafr el-Dawwar. Other large companies running here include paint, chemical production and silk fiber processing firms. In addition to textile production, Kafr el-Dawwar is a major center of electricity generation and fruit packing industries. 


The are surrounding the city is also flourishing agriculturally. Mahmodya stream which flows from the north of Kafr el-Dawwar to Alexandria and is one of the longest branches of the Nile. It provides irrigation to the fields surrounding Kafr el-Dawwar. 


The Battle of Kafr el-Dawwar


The famous battle of Kafr el-Dawwar took place here in 1882 between the Egyptian army, led by Ahmed Orabi, and the British Army, led by Sir Archibald Alison, Bart (1826-1907). It occurred during the Anglo-Egyptian war where the Egyptian army was successful in stopping the British troops from moving towards Cairo for a time of 5 weeks. After this, the British army advanced to the Suez Canal via Tel el-Kabir and finally reached and seized control of Cairo. 


The preparation for this battle included building successive embankments and lines of ditches which were all covered with gun positions, walkways, embrasures, and redoubts. Also, the scene of the battle featured Krupp arms and artillery with ammunition of a diversified heavy kind. The defenders holding this were very determined and put up a fierce fight to resist the invaders.


Activities Near Kafr el-Dawwar


There are many adventurous activities to do near Kafr el-Dawwar including hiking, mountain climbing, surfing, skiing and more. For all those people who wish to indulge in some real adventure, here are some useful details.


Tide Timetable For Kafr el-Dawwar


  • Closest tide timetables available are for Alexandria Egypt which is 22 km towards the west
  • Second closest tide times are at Idku Egypt which is 25 km to the northeast
  • Mountains located near to Kafr el-Dawwar for hiking and rock climbing are
  • Mount Ramon in Israel is the closest mountain peak about 436 km to the east
  • Mount Sinai in Egypt is about 469 km to the south-east
  • Mount Catherine Egypt is 470 km towards the south-east
  • Temple Mount in Israel is about 490 km to the east
  • Mount Olympus in Cyprus is about 494 km to the Northeast, Closest ski resorts
  • Mt Olympus in Cyprus at 494 km Northeast
  • Mount Hermon in Israel at 585 km Northeast
  • Zaarour in Lebanon about 617 km NE
  • Mzaar K Fardebian in Lebanon about 622 km
  • Laqloug in Lebanon about 631 km, Surf beaches close to Kafr el-Dawwar
  • El Corniche in Egypt about 20 km away
  • Mandara in Egypt about 20 km away
  • Ramadas in Egypt is 20 km away
  • Shatby in Egypt is 22 km away
  • Agami in Egypt is 33 km away


Famous People From Kafr el-Dawwar


The legendary manager of Egypt's national football team, Hassan Shehata, was born in Kafr el-Dawwar. There are plans to build a statue of him in the center of town. Other famous people who were born here include another former football club manager, Tarek El Ashry and beloved actress Afaaf Shoeib.


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